Hey there, and welcome to Crameye's World! It is me, Crameye, writing this to you, and my folks are leaning over my shoulder as I type because they take safety very seriously...

Here's a heads up on what you should do (and what would be really stupid to do...) while you are on the site. With the help of my dad's company, we have set this site up to be really safe and so the only people on here are kids I am sending letters to. Even so, it is important to be careful when you are online, so here is how you can be as safe as possible.

  1. Only use your user name (your alias, codename, or crazy name you made up for yourself when you registered) in blog comments and on the forums. If you use your real first name, at the very least NEVER share your last name too, or any other information people can use to identify you. For example, you shouldn't tell someone on this site your address, phone number, school name or email.
  2. If some other kid keeps asking you for personal information and just doesn't stop, or even if they ask you stuff that makes you nervous or scared, get my dad on it. Tell your parents what's going on and then email the kid's user name to admin@theadventurousmailbox and tell my dad the situation. He will take care of it. (He just nodded...) We want this site to be worry-free and safe, so anything nasty, rude, or dirty will be taken care of super quick.
  3. Never agree to meet someone you meet in the forums or through the blog comments in person. Like, seriously don't do that...
  4. If you see a post or photo with bad language or that is dirty, email my dad right away and (like always...) he will take care of it.
  5. Read the rules in the forums before getting started posting! Listen to the pig!
  6. Remember some kids lie and make stuff up, so don't believe everything you hear. Whenever you meet people online, you should always be a little suspicious since you can't look them in the eye when they speak.
  7. You may want to share something you wrote with other kids, or even a picture you took. Don't feel bad if they don't like it. Writing and creating is a process that needs to have some criticism so it can get better.
  8. If you ask other kids for advice about a problem you are having, remember that other members are not big fancy psychologists from Harvard. They are kids like you, so you should take all advice with a grain or two of salt.
  9. Just to warn you, but if you post nasty comments, dirty pics, or bully other kids online, we will delete your post, freeze your account, and even send an email to your parents. Really, just don't be a jerk! You should also not be afraid to give your honest opinions or advice if asked for, even if you don't like what someone wrote or feel someone is being silly. Just be nice about how you give criticism.
  10. Finally... Never, and I do mean NEVER, juggle scorpions while sitting in a tank of piranha's while you are online. That is very dangerous.