Privacy and Safety policy for Crameye’s World, part of The Adventurous Mailbox’s range of products and services.

The Adventurous Mailbox created Crameye’s World so kids could continue the adventures started in our adventure series. It was established to offer kids a fun environment where they could explore the world, share their own adventures, interact with our main characters and other kids, as well as to be simply entertained.

As our books and Crameye’s World are geared to kids 8-12 years old, we have taken their safety and privacy very seriously. Following guidelines set out by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we have developed a safe and secure environment that also maintains standards in friendliness and respect of others.

Though The Adventurous Mailbox is established as a Taiwanese company, the owner and many key team members are American, with the rest of our team being European or based in Taiwan. Many on our core team are devoted parents, and as such we have chosen to base our safety and privacy standards on COPPA, the most stringent guidelines, as well as the most familiar, for our customers in the United States.


COPPA is a United States federal law that regulates the online collection, use and disclosure of personal information from children under the age of 13. It requires that parents give their consent before personal information is collected online or is publicly disclosed online from or by children under 13 years old. The law also sets out the acceptable ways of determining consent and providing transparency online.


Use of a credit card at purchase signifies parental consent to their child’s use of Crameye’s World. Further, registering on Crameye’s World requires a parent’s or guardian’s email address, which is used to send an activation link for a new membership, as well as to send a confirmation email that they have accepted our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We also seek parental consent if kids take part in contests or giveaways. We will also contact parents if their child attempts sharing personal information or engages in unsafe online behavior.


We have designed Crameye’s World so that collection of children’s information is kept to a minimum and is only used when necessary, for example when your child wins a prize or is invited to be a guest author on one of the character’s blogs. The personally identifiable information Crameye’s World collects online (e.g. full name, email, address) will never be posted, released, sold, or distributed to any third party outside of Crameye’s World or The Adventurous Mailbox.


Upon purchase of the adventure series through The Adventurous Mailbox main site, we will collect the name, email, and phone number of the parents. We will also collect your child’s name and address (for shipping purposes) as well as his or her birth date (only if the purchased package includes birthday cards sent from the characters). This information is kept securely and only on our servers.

If adults other than parents or guardians purchase our products as a gift for a child, we will still require an email address for that child’s parents or guardian at point of purchase, and will use that email to complete and confirm registration.

If teachers are making use of Crameye’s World in the classroom, kids will still need a parent’s or guardian’s email address to register and take part in the online community.

As part of the package arriving from abroad, kids will receive an invitation letter with a “secret code” that was generated at purchase. With this, kids can go to Crameye’s World and begin the registration process. The registration process involves the following:

  1. On the first visit to Crameye’s World, kids are taken to our sign in page where they will have the option to register as first time visitors. Clicking on the registration link will take them to a new page where they will enter a user name (only user names are ever posted on Crameye’s World, and real names will never be displayed), along with a parent’s email address and the “secret code” generated upon purchase.
  2. If the “secret code” is entered correctly, they will be informed that an email has been sent to the provided email address that contains a confirmation link. This email will also contain our privacy policy. Clicking on the confirmation link signifies that parents have read and agreed to the policy.
  3. After clicking on the confirmation link, kids will be taken to the confirmation page that will contain their accepted username and password. A couple of seconds later, a second email will arrive to the parent's or guardian's email address containing a record of the password. This second email also serves as confirmation of their acceptance of our privacy policy.
  4. Kids are now able to log in using their chosen username and provided password. Once inside, they can click on the tool icon to change their password to something easier to remember.

Contests and Giveaways

From time to time, Crameye’s World will hold contests and giveaways for prizes. To enter these contests, they will need to use a parent’s email address as they send their solutions or entries to a provided email address. If they win a prize, we will notify them through their parent’s email. At this time, we will also need to collect a child’s name and address for delivery purposes of a prize.


Crameye’s World contains a multitude of content and activities, some of which provide opportunities for children to share information and interact with others. These areas are as follows:

Crameye’s Secret Community

Our forums are set up to give kids an opportunity to share parts of their lives, as well as to ask questions of others. Only their chosen user names will ever be displayed in the forums or on their profile pages. Depending on the forum category, kids will be able to share their adventures, ideas, creative output, advice for others, questions or problems, academic writing, as well as questions for our main characters. Kids will also be able to upload photos of their trips or from their lives.

Our forums are monitored by our staff and approved additional forum monitors (a team made up of parents and grandparents). Every post is reviewed for the following content:

  1. Personal information. If personal information other than a child’s true first name, general geographic location or age is shared (e.g. last name, address, email address, phone number, etc.), the post will be deleted.
  2. Inappropriate language. If a post contains crude or abusive language, it will be deleted, the user account will be suspended, and parents will be notified via email.
  3. Inappropriate content. If a post contains a photo or other art depicting violent, crude or sexual behavior, it will be deleted, the user account will be suspended, and parents will be notified.

Character Blogs

All comments on the character blogs are monitored for the same content in Crameye’s Secret Community BEFORE they are approved for post. For inappropriate content, the same steps outlined for Crameye’s Secret Community will be taken.


Member-only site.

Crameye’s World is intended to only be populated by kids whose have been given our adventure series from The Adventurous Mailbox as a gift, or by students using our books and workbooks. There is no way to enter the site without making a purchase. Occasionally, we may provide a visitor account for reviewers, but such accounts are limited in functionality and users are not able to comment in the blogs or forums.

In addition, all of our blogs and forums use the same gateway, and there is no way to enter an individual blog or forum without first coming through our main sign in page.

Safety guidelines for kids

Upon registration, kids will be directed to review our safety guidelines for making posts. You can view these safety guidelines here. Additionally, at the top of every forum, rules are posted for kids to follow in terms of content and general decency.


Crameye’s World uses cookies to track non-personal information, such as the number of visitors who use each page of the website each day, what browser they use, and what part of the internet they come to our site from. This information helps us improve our site and does not include any specific information about individual visitors that would allow us to identify them. We collect IP addresses to obtain aggregate information on the use of Crameye’s World. An IP address is a number assigned to your computer by a web server when you're online. When you are on our site, we log your computer's IP address. We only use the information we find out from tracking IP addresses as part of the whole, such as how many users entered a specific area of our site, and not to track a specific IP address to identify an individual user.


Visitors to Crameye’s World will find links to independently owned, controlled and/or managed websites whose content we have found of possible interest to our visitors. While we initially visit and research these sites, we do not monitor or control the content that appears on these sites and such content may be constantly changing. Please review the links to determine if they are appropriate for your child. The Adventurous Mailbox cannot be held accountable for material found on these sites.


The Adventurous Mailbox reserves the right to transfer personally identifiable information in the event of a change of ownership to another organization that would continue to run the website in the same manner. Such transfer of data would be necessary to enable the new owner to facilitate log-on for existing members and to fulfill membership benefits.


Not only will we not allow third party advertising on Crameye’s World, but we will also not advertise our own products. We at The Adventurous Mailbox believe that 8 to 12-year-old minds should not be polluted by advertising appeals. We also do not want to give unwanted pressure on their parents.

Your children may hear of newer series being talked about in the forums by other members, or even about some of the cultural gifts available through The Adventurous Mailbox, but the characters themselves will never initiate discussion of them. They will respond to questions about them, however.


Of course! If you no longer want your child to be given access to the site or wish to have individual posts removed, contact us and we will comply to your requests as quickly as possible.

You can contact us via the following:

Skype: TheAdventurousMailbox
Phone: +886-915803237

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